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2,300 SQ. FT.

Photography:Cesar Rubio

Brereton has a long history with 150 Spear Street.  As the building architect since 2007, we have designed and completed numerous tenant projects in the building including Lululemon, Spring Studio, NASDAQ, Inside Track, Game Show Network, Suzuki Law, and TMP Worldwide. In addition to tenant work, Brereton developed the building design standards which included the elevator cab upgrades, elevator lobbies and building corridors. 


Because of our many past successes and our commitment to future great work at 150 Spear, we were thrilled to be asked by Jones Lang LaSalle to participate in the design competition for the building lobby and exterior canopy and present our vision to the leasing team. 


In the summer of 2016, Brereton was asked by the previous owner to design a new exterior canopy and identity elements of the existing lobby that could be refreshed.  It was during this design exercise that we became intrigued by the idea of creating something more than just a canopy for the entry and from this the concept of the portal emerged.


For this design competition, the design team felt strongly that the portal should remain as a defining design element and should be the starting point of our exploration of what the entry and lobby could be.  However, with the opportunity to examine our original concept for the lobby we felt compelled to push the envelope and find opportunities to create something far more comprehensive.


The portal is intended as purposeful architecture rather than additive accessory.  It is clean, timeless, and bold and blends seamlessly into the buildings front elevation.  It is monumental but retrained.  The portal serves as a wayfinding architectural element and as an identifying building brand symbol.


With an equal focus on the building interior lobby, it is preferred to have no visual barriers from the street. Thus, the existing heavy exterior glazing system has been replaced with frameless structural glass within the portal. The sides of the portal extend into the lobby allowing the building’s new exterior elements to be repeated in the interior.  This twist on the portal concept blurs the line between the exterior and interior of the building entry and further enhances the buildings presence at the street level.


Activating the lobby is a key design driver.  A media wall is incorporated into one side of the interior of the portal with a display of ever evolving digital art visible from the street and the lobby creating a colorful and dynamic environment. Guest seating is located adjacent to the media wall.


The interior design includes new finishes throughout.  Formed concrete, and metal provide contrast in color, finish and reflectivity.  Wood brings warmth and texture.


A new reception desk is the focal point upon entry with forms that celebrate negative space, clean lines, and natural materials of wood and stone.


The ceiling incorporates a series of perimeter soffits that provide both direct and indirect lighting, highlighting finish materials and creating contrast in light and shadow.  Recessed direct lights throughout the new pristine white ceiling illuminate the entire lobby projecting a soft glow out to the exterior.

Awards and Honors:

IIDA NC Honor Awards 2020:  Finalist | Serve

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