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Brereton-44 Montgomery-5-25-13160240
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02_Brereton-44 Montgomery-5-25-13160170



Photography: Cesar Rubio

44 Montgomery Street has a modern and timeless façade. This high-rise office building with strong financial district notoriety has been in need of a ground floor lobby re-model for many years. The building ownership group asked our firm to propose a design that would achieve multiple goals, first to capture and reflect the strong modern design of the exterior façade. Second, to strengthen the Class A status of the building with a focus on Tenant retention. And third, to provide a design that conforms to a strict and modest budget.

We worked directly with the Building Management Team to define thier goals and objectives for the project. The result was an effective balance of clean lines, simple surfaces, texture, warmth and light that will prove to be timeless.

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