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170,000 SQ. FT.

Photography: Mariko Reed

Airbnb Enviornments Team partnered with Brereton to design 3 floors of office space at 650 Townsend in San Francisco. The team designed the floor themes to match up with the general themes of Airbnb Experiences. On the third floor, for example, the team was inspired by art-based listings, such as artist loft homes and experiences like art walks and craft making. One room is based entirely on violin making. On the sixth floor the theme is based on food found around the globe-drawing on the amazing kitchens in our homes and the many different kinds of cooking experiences, such as a dumpling-making class in Shanghai.

Rachael Harvey of Airbnb's Environments team answered some questions from Architectural Digest about the design. 

Biggest challenge: "For the workspace, it was the limited natural light and low floor-to-ceiling heights. In the atrium, we had to work around the operational server farm in the basement."

Favorite piece in the design: "The Night Market, which is a micro-kitchen and servery. It is a good example of strategically using space that had zero daylight."

Strangest source: "We commissioned Rohan Deyal, a Delhi-based photographer, to shoot a panorama of Lodhi Gardens for the photo mural in the Lodhi conference room."

Smallest-ticket item: "Home Depot plastic lattice for our Green Dining Room."

An idea you almost went with: "A horsehair wall covering in the Calligraphy Experience conference room."

The most interesting thing on the project mood board: "Constantin Brancusi's studio. The third-floor palette is inspired by the process of making art."

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