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Google OMP 05



Photography: Marco Zecchin

Building on their successful collaboration, Brereton partnered with design architect IwamotoScott Architecture to develop a confidential tech company's latest office space in San Francisco’s landmark One Maritime Plaza tower. Occupying 10 floors of the 25-story building, the project was developed with two key concepts in mind – to utilize the building as a ‘viewing machine’ that highlights distinct scenes from San Francisco’s urban landscape, and to organize circulation within as a ‘vertical street’ connecting sights, neighborhoods, people and food via a series of colorful interconnecting stairs.

Drawing on the idea of the viewing machine, each floor was conceived to highlight an experience that travels from shadow to light, starting with the urban canyon of the Financial District, expanding into the iconic neighborhoods nearby, further yet into the San Francisco Bay, and eventually reaching the foggy peaks in the distance. Each floor’s unique palette speaks to these individual experiences reinforced through thoughtful art and styling.

The project begins with a second-floor reception space featuring custom lightbox signage and a layered rope installation, serving as a threshold into a large coworking lounge that houses a coffee bar, custom millwork seating and a feature stair. The stair marks the beginning of the vertical street, encouraging users to freely move throughout the building, with food spaces serving as nodes along the vertical pathway. The second floor also houses a number of amenity spaces including a fitness center and spin studio.

The remaining floors primarily serve as work space, with bands of colorful meeting rooms situated along the central core and open office space flanking opposite ends of the floor plate. Custom workstations were developed with interchangeable colored panels to allow the users to personalize their space, and custom wall graphics help establish identity within the open office. The floors are punctuated by a series of specialty areas, including microkitchens and lounges on each floor, hidden amenity rooms, a cafe and dining space, and a dedicated tech talk and event space with pops of styling curated by BHDM Design.

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