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40,000 SQ. FT.

Photography:Cesar Rubio

Dropbox engaged Brereton Architects to design an office space that would help sustain their growing operations as they prepared to relocated their headquarters in San Francisco.  As expansion space it was important that it was located close to their current headquarters in the SOMA district.  We started the project with a Due Diligence phase to review the former Gallo Salami building, a few steps from their current headquarters.  The design for the space was to  incorporate Dropbox’s identity into the building’s classic warehouse look of exposed brick and timber structure, and multi-panned glazing. The result of this multi-level open office is a dynamic interior that is characterized by vignettes of Dropbox’s brand colors and material textures that complement the existing architecture.


Fundamental to the success of the project was providing multiple conference, huddle and phone rooms as an extension of the their headquarters.  These intimate spaces important in providing relief from the dense open office benching style seating.   The density was further alleviated by the tall ceiling height afforded by the buildings existing structure and exemplified in the double height area just off of the main entry.  In addition we created a circulation path around the seating areas at the perimeter window line.  The team worked with Dropbox to strategically place color at key areas to integrate their personality and maintain the connection to their headquarters.

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