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LendingClub HQ

100,000 SQ. FT.

One of several projects Brereton completed for seven floors at the LendingClub headquarters, the technology group's move to two connecting floors presented its own unique design challenge.  The design addressed the quantitative space requirements of the technology group while supporting the unique culture, approach to work, and rapid growth.  It was imperative that the space be designed with large open office areas and incorporate more flexible / mobile furniture solutions to make the most efficient use of the space.


Collaboration is essential to the technology group, and this space had to be designed to support all types of collaboration with space allocated for small to large private meeting rooms, one on one phone rooms, informal meeting spaces, scrum areas for up to 50 people, and multi-purpose break rooms.


A large multipurpose public area on the technology reception floor allows LendingClub to use it for informal meetings, scrum meetings, private events, or just a place for informal heads down work.   All furniture with the exception of the built-in stadium seating is flexible and could be removed for large company, industry or community events.


The space was designed to attract and retain talent with the look and feel of a start-up.  The intent of the look is to impart a sense of energy and buzz through the spaces dynamic and bold design, but also relate to the LendingClub floors throughout the building.  The interior builds on the LendingClub brand but has a distinct look and feel specific for the technology group.

Important for the technology group was to remain connected even though the team was located on two floors.  A interconnecting stair was built to encourage the teams to use both floors as one working space.  LED signage was incorporated into the stair design with the intent of being an information resource and community board.


The use of natural materials such as wood, concrete and metal were used to create warmth.  The space feels inviting and engages the visitor through architectural forms that are less linear and more playful, yet detailed with a sophisticated sensibility.

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