36,000 SQ. FT.

Photography: Cesar Rubio

Walk into the offices of POPSUGAR, the media and technology company based in San Francisco, and what do you see? Sleek yet welcoming, crisp and edgy (but not too), the century-old building’s exposed structure playing off spots of bright blue (the company’s brand color), places to collaborate, brain-storm, share, relax. At POPSUGAR, workstations are populated with Millennials scoping out the latest in fashion, shopping, and lifestyle, but they’re close by to the POPSUGAR’s hub: a kitchen to stock up on snacks and ideas.


How did POPSUGAR get a home so perfect for the image you find on its Website and in its products? It’s actually quite deliberate, the result of a collaboration between the designers and the client, one that didn’t just happen. It’s built on trust and service, two pillars of Brereton’s approach to architecture and design.


Project manager Nicole LaFollette explains it this way: for several months she had been working closely with POPSUGAR’s senior operations manager, Marnell Mullarkey to discover design ideas that would be a good match with the company. Then the two hit on an idea: share design ideas and examples via Pinterest; then challenge each other and kick the collaboration up to the next level.


A successful project and relationship requires that the collaborators build trust, which allows Brereton to listen closely to find the best solutions for its clients. That’s service in the aid of design, and that’s how Brereton does it. 




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