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The owners of the Monadnock Building (685 Market Street) were looking to capitalize on the buildings grand ground floor historic lobby with a targeted approach to the renovation of historical architectural decorative elements, updated finishes, and new efficient architectural lighting. Brereton took on the task of this thoughtful building lobby renovation and the end result is a striking balance of the historical and contemporary updated finishes. Additionally, Brereton was tasked with creating a proposed courtyard renovation and new addition of a tenant gym and fitness center on the ground floor. The existing courtyard is underused, under furnished and the landscaping is minimal. The proposed renovation for the courtyard seeks to activate the space and create a draw for tenants and visitors alike to the building. The new design incorporates various intimate seating areas, outdoor bar and kitchen, updated and expanded hardscape and landscaping, and new outdoor furniture and lighting. The new fitness center and gym opens directly to the courtyard through a connecting yoga room or fitness classroom. The fitness center offers multiple types of fitness equipment, men’s and women’s shower and locker rooms, and bike storage with direct access to the buildings secured tenant side entrance.

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