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Brereton Participates at the 36th Annual LEAP Sandcastle Competition.

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

Leap was established in 1979 in response to severe budget cuts in arts programs in California schools. These cuts continue to affect arts education in our schools today, and the need for high-quality arts programs is now greater than ever. Leap’s programs place professional teaching artists in classrooms to work with grades K-5. Every year, these educational programs—in music, dance, theatre, creative writing, visual arts, and architecture—serve over 8,000 students in more than 30 elementary schools throughout the Bay Area.

Through Leap’s extended arts residencies, children build skills that are conducive to success in 21st-century skills:

Creativity, entrepreneurialism and inventivenessCritical thinking and cognitive skillsAbility to set goals, experiment, solve problems and learn from mistakesAcceptance of diversity and differing viewpointsAbility to work collaboratively.

This years theme was “Building Bridges” showcasing sandcastles that connect, overcome, and bring us closer together. Brereton partnered with Source Construction, synerBuild, CBF Electric.


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