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Brereton participates in Bike to Hope

Brereton participated in the Bike to Hope Fundraising Event. Principal & Partner, Ashley Miller earned the #1 spot for Top Participant in fundraising at $4,060.00 The Brereton team came in at # 4 in the top teams for fundraising with $5,730.00! Congratulations!!

Cycling to fight against cancer, diabetes and other life-threatening illnesses.

The Real Estate & Construction Council (REC) was founded in 1986 when a banquet was arranged by a group of real estate and construction industry leaders to honor Dan Costello, Bank of America’s former executive vice president of its corporate real estate division.

Throughout its history, the Real Estate & Construction Council has brought together a cross section of industries representing real estate and construction professionals, brokers, building owners, developers and consultants on behalf of a single philanthropic goal: supporting the lifesaving treatment and compassionate care of City of Hope. To date, the Real Estate & Construction Council has raised more than $7.8 million for City of Hope making this industry alliance one of the premier fundraising groups in the region.


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